Kitten 2- Yellow Collar

Red Mitted/Point Girl

Kitten 3- Red Collar

 Red Bi-color Girl

Kitten 4- Green Collar

Red Bi-color Boy

Kitten 4- Pink Collar

Red Bi-color Girl

Kitten 5- Blue Collar

Red Mitted/Point Boy - Reserved Amber

Kitten 1- Orange Collar

Red Mitted/Point Girl

Kitten 3 - Black Collar

Red/Lilac Tortie? Bi-color Girl

Kitten 2 - Purple Collar

Red Mitted/Point Boy  - Reserved Sandra

Exciting News

Brie and Finn had 5 big fat babies on March 27th/21

All kittens will first be offered to those on our waiting list 

Kitten 1 - Grey Collar

Red Bi-color Boy 

Exciting News

Sally and Finn had 4 big fat babies on March 27th/21

All kittens will first be offered to those on our waiting list 


We currently have a waiting list, and are accepting deposits on upcoming litters in 2021. We are currently expecting litters at the end March. There is a possiblility of the following colors, Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Reds, and Torties. Patterns will be Bi-color, Mitted, and Points. Updates will be posted shortly. 






Our Kittens page is updated regularily.  We will do our best to match you with the right kitten.  If you would like to reserve a kttten please contact us directly. Please see our Reserving a Kitten page for more information.

Waiting List


Emily - Seal/Blue/Lilac Bi-color

Daina & Chris - Female Bi-color/mitted/point

Jodie - Seal Point Female

Tiffany - Blue Bi-color 

Kate - Blue/Lilac/Chocolate Bi-color

Tyler - Blue/Lilac Female

Luna - Lynx, red, tortie, chocolate, lilac, blue, cream Point/Bi-color/Mitted Female

Gina - Lilac/Cream/Flame/Bi-color/Point/Mitted

Elissa - Red Boy

Rosetta - Blue/Lilac Baby

Lisa - Seal/Chocolate/Tortie Female/Point

Holly - Seal/Chocolate Point Male

Dale & Robyn  - Female Bi-color/mitted/point

Dione - Blue Bi-color girl

Myles - Seal/Flame Point

Cathy - 2 Ragdoll babies

Marina - Male ragdoll baby

Martin - Ragdoll baby

Grant - Ragdoll baby







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