for the "Love of Cats"

Waiting List

Beth - Tortie Bi-color

Theo - Blue/Lilac/Flame Bi-color

Yuka - Blue/Lilac Bi-color




We currently have a waiting list, and are accepting deposits on upcoming litters.






Our Kittens page is updated regularily.  We will do our best to match you with the right kitten.  If you would like to reserve a kttten please contact us directly. Please see our Reserving a Kitten page for more information.

Exciting News!!  Sally and Bo welcomed 3 big fat babies into the world on January 10th 2019. Pictures will be posted on our website in a few weeks once their colors and patterns start to come in. These kittens will first be offered to those on our waiting list. We will be expecting another litter in April/May 2019 if you would like to reserve a kitten from the next litter. 

Kitten 3


Lilac mitted 



 Reserved for Erin

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